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Interior Renovations

At J.A.Y. Construction, our goal is to make you fall in love with your house again. Our team specializes in Full-Service solutions for your home. We offer our services to all of Toms River, New Jersey and surrounding areas!

J.A.Y. Construction offers the very best in design and remodeling services. We are dedicated professionals with over 15 years of experience in knowing how to take your vision and create a design that maximizes your space while delivering a stunning aesthetic appeal that you, your family, and guests will truly appreciate.

New Jersey’s #1 Major Remodeling Company

Ever pay for a cheap product and have it fall apart after just a few uses? Too often, builders take advantage of inexperienced homeowners and underbid, cut corners, or straight up disappear with their money.

Choosing a respected general contractor company with a solid reputation by and large guarantees a good experience for your home remodel. J.A.Y. Construction has trained under experts, won crucial projects to gain the right experience and come out on top as Home Advisor’s Top-rated Home Contractor.

Whether you’re looking to add a bonus room to your house or start a full renovation, we’ve got you covered. Other services we offer include:

At J.A.Y. Construction, we use a unique approach to remodeling that offers benefits that traditional construction companies don’t. Below are a few examples of recent renovation projects we’ve undertaken for homeowners.

Home Renovation and Remodel Costs

Estimating costs on how to remodel a house is a daunting task. Appliances, cabinetry and any structural repairs top the list of expenses with labor following closely behind. There are many factors and multiple variations that contribute to the bottom line, including:

If you want to update your living space, you have a variety of options, including renovation, building upward, or expanding outward. At J.A.Y. Construction, we can discuss the different ways you can remodel your Toms River area home and offer advice on which option may be best for your needs and budget.

Benefits of New Jersey Whole-Home Renovations

One of the services we offer is turning existing homes into beautiful new ones with home remodels. Whether you want a completely updated floor plan, eco-friendly systems, open-concept living space, or an update to your exterior that boosts curb appeal, we do it all. A whole-home renovation can dramatically improve the look of your interior. It also has the ability to transform your outdoor space with additions like patios, decks, outdoor kitchens and pergolas.

Other advantages of renovating your home with J.A.Y. Construction instead of moving include: 

Planning Your Future

If you are anticipating any major life changes in the near future — such as having kids — you can remodel your home with these changes in mind. This can allow you to stay in your home longer than you may have otherwise. If you are planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life or house aging relatives at some point, you can make your kitchen, bathrooms and entryways more accessible.

Saving Money

Another good reason to renovate is that it usually costs less than buying a new home. Even with a large-scale renovation, you will usually end up spending less while enjoying an end result that is tailored to you. You can even break your renovation into chunks and pay for it one piece at a time to make it more financially feasible.

Avoiding Possible Mortgage Penalties

Selling your home can be especially expensive if it means having to break your mortgage contract. If your mortgage is closed and fixed-rate, paying it off early can cost you tens of thousands in penalties. Then you have to consider the extra costs that come with purchasing a new home, including legal fees and estate agent commissions.

By remaining in the home you have, you can use these funds to turn the space into the house of your dreams.

Transform Your Home with a Major Remodeling Project

Whether you live in Toms River, New Jersey or anywhere in between, you can trust J.A.Y. Construction for all your home renovation needs. For your convenience, our design and build process allows you to work with a single contact for the entirety of your project. We offer custom craftsmanship and attention to detail to make your home project a tailored concept. Our design team — which is completely in-house — can create the living space of your dreams. Learn more about our design and build services by contacting us.