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House Lifting

House lifting (often called house raising) is a great way to protect your home from future floods and lower insurance costs at the same time. Tropical Storm Sandy was a nasty storm that brought billions of dollars of damage to the New Jersey shore. Massive flooding and other water damage hurt and in some cases destroyed New Jersey residents homes and families were devastated.

While J.A.Y Construction can not eliminate all future storms or control the weather, we can help minimize the damage as much as possible. It has been such a wonderful experience helping New Jersey residents put the pieces back together and providing services that not only got families back in their homes, but will enable them to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives.

J.A.Y Construction is a proven and reliable house lifting specialist and we have plenty of examples below to showcase our work. Raising your New Jersey home is an excellent decision, especially along the Jersey Shore for many of the following reasons:

As you can see, raising your home has many benefits. Whether your house is on a slab or foundation, J.A.Y can help provide you with a workable solution. Raising your home is safe and will not decrease the integrity of the structure if done properly. Actually, the exact opposite is true as the house actually becomes more sturdy and storm resistant.

Hurricane bracing and strapping will make your house stronger than ever before. This is another reason you want to make sure you are getting the work done from an experienced firm. Every project is overseen by John Yannariello, Owner (link this back to the about us page) of J.A.Y. Construction. This is not a project you want to leave to chance.

Time lapse example of a house lift project by J.A.Y. Construction.
The factors involved to determine the total cost of any project are many. What are the federal guidelines? How big is the home? How many stories? It the house on a slab or foundation currently? Are their existing obstacles or structures that need to be removed? Structures like decks, railings, stair cases, etc. Some of the locations are in very tight spots and those need special consideration as well. The bottom line is that the estimate of any project varies based on the complexities of the each situation and no two home are exactly alike. We will leave nothing to chance and make sure that your house gets raised safely and on budget.

During the lifting process, you will not be able to stay in the home, so we work as safely and quickly as possible so as not to disrupt your life. Depending on the size of your home and other factors, we will be able not only to give you a proper estimate of the costs involved, but also the duration you can expect your project to take. Depending on whether or not Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has determined your area a flood zone will also determine the minimum height required by law. We are familiar with all the FEMA requirements and zoning as well as local township regulations and will research your situation thoroughly before performing any work or providing a quote.

When you lift your house 8, 9, or even 10 feet high, there are some additional benefits beyond the obvious once mentioned above. For instance, you will also create a standing-height crawl space to go along with a solid new foundation. Your project most likely will need more than a masonry or dirt foundation at that point. Lots of storage space can be created for outdoor equipment, small boats, machinery and the like. The possibilities are endless. As long as the materials stored cannot be damaged by water, it can be a huge solution to many homes that don’t have the room previously. We are here to help discuss these possibilities and come up with the best possible solution for you and your family.