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Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations

A full exterior renovation often includes the replacement of roofing, siding, windows, doors, columns, decks, railings, and electrical upgrades. A full exterior renovation can include a home extension, modification/upgrade of electrical systems, and replacing the exterior envelope of a home.

Comprehensive Exterior Renovations Include:


Signs of excessive wear and tear and damage are signs that it is time to replace the roof. If left unchecked, a roof can cause internal damage, corrosion, or excess mold. A complete roof replacement involves removing the old shingles and moisture barrier and replacing them with brand new materials. It can also involve repairing or replacing any damage that is revealed when the old roof is removed. While roof repairs can take care of small damaged areas, widespread damage or wear usually calls for an entire replacement.

The replacement of a roof requires a detailed plan as well as the procurement of the necessary materials. Working with a reliable contractor like J.A.Y Construction is recommended based on the scale of a roof replacement project as well as the skill needed. J.A.Y Construction can complete most roof replacements in a matter of days.


Siding keeps the weather elements and pests out of your home. As siding wears, there may be loose or missing siding, damage due to animals or pests, faded color, rotted areas, or buckles, sagging, or cracks in the siding. The older siding gets, the shorter the maintenance cycle.

The length of time that siding lasts depends on the type of material it is made of, the way it was installed, and the climate. When it is time to replace the siding, consider using a material that is durable and long-lasting so it will hold up against weather and other elements. There are a variety of color and style choices in siding to match your preferences.


Replacing the windows is something homeowners do not think too much about until something goes wrong. Air leaks, thermal leaks, fogged glass, and windows that no longer work are just a few reasons why windows need to be replaced. While a replacement window (a window that this smaller that is smaller than the existing window) might seem to be a way to save money, oftentimes replacement windows are not an answer to the issue.

New construction windows ensure that all of the issues with the former windows will be rectified. Professional window installations are a major investment in your home, but they do return decent resale value as well as help to save on energy costs. Windows can be replaced at any time of the year.


Just like the rest of your home’s exterior, doors begin to wear with use. Drafts, difficulty opening and closing, as well as trouble locking, are all signs that it is time to replace a door. By investing in a door that is made of high-quality materials and professionally installed, homeowners decrease the chance of weather, drafts, and moisture coming inside the home, which helps with energy bills.

Wood doors are able to endure drastic temperature changes and provide excellent insulation. Doors can also be constructed from aluminum which also offers exceptional insulation, especially when paired with wood. The choice of door styles are endless.


Columns are an architectural feature that determines the home’s style. Most architectural columns seen on homes today are now being integrated with newer, more contemporary home. The types of columns are:

The addition of columns to a house is a way to bring add visual interest or create contrast, particularly if the home has an otherwise plain front.


A deck is a great way to extend the living space of the home. The back or side of the house can house a deck. Outdoor decks tie the inside and outside of the home together, while adding value to the home. There are several types of decks to consider:

Decks can be made of a composite material like wood fibers or recycled plastics, fiberglass, redwood and cedar, pressure-treated woods, or tropical hardwoods.


The railings around a porch or deck provide safety and security so it is important that they are structurally sound. It is time to replace outdoor railings when there is visible damage like cracking, splintering, rotting, peeling, or warping. Loose railings are posts are also a sign that they need to either be repaired or replaced entirely. Once railings are at the state where they need to constantly be fixed or re-painted, it is time to replace them. Wood or vinyl are two options to consider.

Electrical Upgrades:

Exterior electrical upgrades are sometimes necessary but do increase the value of your home. Electrical updates such as energy-efficient outdoor lighting, replacement of outdoor outlets and switches, additional electrical wiring, and the installation of security cameras may also be part of a full exterior renovation.

Electrical upgrades make a home more efficient and can reduce energy bills as well as accommodate the electrical needs of the house. An upgrade to energy-efficient lighting will boost the curb appeal of the property with better quality lights.