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Addition/Add a Level

A home addition not only creates more space but can change the entire look of a home. Whether you want to build up, out, or adjacent to your current home, the possibilities for additions are endless. If you want to know exactly how to add an addition to your home, the experts at J.A.Y. Construction can assist you. Our years of experience as a licensed general contractor building home additions in Toms River and throughout New Jersey has made us experts in the field.

No matter the type of addition you are looking to build, the skilled team a J.A.Y Construction can help you get started on your home improvement project. Our planning and design process has been perfected over numerous years of home renovations in the New Jersey area. Because so much goes into a home addition or add a level, it is vital to hire an experienced contractor like J.A.Y.

Master Suite Addition/ Master Bedroom Addition

An addition to the master bedroom or the creation of a new master bedroom area is one of the most common reasons for an addition. Master bedroom additions give homeowners extra living space that increases the square footage of the home as well as its overall value. The addition of a master bathroom ensuite requires planning because plumbing is often needed to add fixtures, which can increase the value of the addition significantly.

In-Law Suite Addition

There are many reasons that adding a full living space to your property makes sense. An in-law or guest suite is perfect for older relatives or when you entertain friends from out of town. An in-law suite addition also adds value to the home and creates privacy that is offset from the main living area. Whatever your needs, J.A.Y. can help you make the most of your home’s extra space and meet your specific needs, while being built to code so it qualifies as an added living area.

Add-a-Level Renovation

If your family is experiencing growing pains, adding a level onto the home, depending on its current design, might be the best choice. Adding a level allows for the main floor to be expanded as well by making the ceiling taller before adding the new level. Smaller rooms downstairs can be expanded or merged as there is now more room upstairs. A second story addition depends on foundation requirements, building regulations, and your preferences.

Start Your Home Addition with J.A.Y Construction

We have helped hundreds of homeowners with their home addition projects, becoming one of the premier contractors in New Jersey over the past 20 years. You will receive expert advice during a design consultation and a detailed estimate of the project’s scope.

J.A.Y Construction completes each project with honesty and high-quality workmanship. We have the solution for all of your home addition design and renovation needs. With years of expertise, we can suggest exactly what you need to keep your home addition project on track. From design development through the entire construction process, our team will keep you informed and involved every step of the way. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection---taking the stress and guesswork out of your home addition.

A home addition creates more living space and gives the feeling of a new house. Check out some of the examples below from home additions we’ve completed. If you are thinking about a home addition or add on, we would love to discuss your options for expanding your home.