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Should I Replace My Roof and Siding in the Spring or Summer?

Should I Replace My Roof and Siding in the Spring or Summer?

With time, your roof and siding are going to wear out, requiring maintenance and eventually replacement. When it comes to replacing both of these important parts of the house, timing is important. You want to replace them at a good time of the year to eliminate any issues in the process and ensure that they are going to last. However, it is good to note that this does not necessarily mean that you must replace your roof and siding at a specific time of the year. The best replacement job you can do is the one you do when you are ready. The one that you adequately plan for. This article gives information regarding the best time to have your roof and siding replaced.

Best Time of the Year for Roof and Siding Replacement


Spring is a time of the year when the winter goes away, taking the cold weather with it. During this time, many homeowners think of the many projects they can do. Part of the projects they think about is roof and siding replacement. The winter can be regarded as a harsh period in terms of the weather. This is the time when many homeowners realize drafts, leaks, and cave-ins in both their siding and roof. Since they want to handle these issues as soon as possible, homeowners see it right to replace their roof and siding during the spring.

In fact, many homeowners view spring to be the best season to replace their roof or siding. Elements like asphalt need time to adhere to your home’s structure and create the perfect sealing. This is something that cannot happen under 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only disadvantage of replacing roofs and siding during spring is that the weather is usually quite unpredictable. This means that you can have rain interrupting the installation procedure, leading to delays. The good thing is that when you work with good roofers, you can be sure that they understand the different weather conditions. Therefore, they can properly adjust and make the necessary plans without causing damage to your project.


Studies show that roofers and siding installers are usually the busiest in summer through fall. This means that summer is also a great time to replace your roof and siding. The main reason behind this is that summer has very consistent weather conditions. It is usually hot and all roofing and siding materials or tools can work properly during these times.

However, the link between spring and summer offers the best time to replace your roof or siding. During this time, the rain has just stopped and the extreme humidity and heat characterized by summer have not started too. This makes this period an amazing time to call in a contractor to replace your siding or roof.

Despite these benefits, summer is a time when many people hire roof and siding replacement services due to the conducive environment. Due to this, prices have to go up due to the high demand for service and limited supply of workers. However, a reputable roofing or siding company will schedule a time to work on your house and will not fail despite making you wait for a long time due to the increase in appointments.

If your siding or roofing project gets pushed very far, you might have to do the replacement in the middle of summer, a time characterized by extreme heat and humidity. Although the project can still be done, this weather can have an effect on the overall working conditions and affect the roofing and siding materials themselves. To avoid any hassles, you might want to reach out to your roofing or siding contractor as early as possible and book an appointment with them before prices go up and the conditions get worse.

As you might have already realized by going through this article, there is no specific time of the year that you have to do roof and siding replacement. Actually, working under the pressure that you have to do maintenance at a certain time will only cause more harm than good. It can make you make rush decisions, which you may end up regretting later on. However, you have to pay attention to factors such as the availability of contractors at a certain time of the year. For instance, the busy season for roofing is between late summer and fall. But, this does not necessarily mean that other parts of the year are not good to get the roof replaced.