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Remodeling Your Kitchen: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Remodeling your Kitchen? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Remodeling your Kitchen? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Any time you invest in renovations to your kitchen, you want to go in with a meticulous plan. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is—having a strategy is everything. This becomes especially clear when you consider the average dollar figure for a renovated kitchen (somewhere around $20,000).

The stakes of kitchen renovation are high, and as a homeowner, you want a solid ROI. You’ve invested a significant amount of money, and you want to make sure everything is done right. You’ve read about situations in which kitchens didn’t turn out well, whether it was due to a mid-project price hike or an outright conflict with a shady contractor.

If you want to guide your kitchen renovation project to the best possible outcome (and who doesn’t), it pays to familiarize yourself with some of the common mistakes people make during the process.

Rushing the process of hiring a contractor

This is probably the most common—and the most costly—mistake. Why? Because hiring a reputable kitchen renovation company will prevent most of the other common mistakes, ensuring a smooth process from front to finish. On the other hand, hiring a questionable contractor will cause a whole litany of problems. Avoid this scenario by seeking contractors with strong reviews from a number of objective third parties. Also look for straightforward fees and guarantees that have been backed up in writing. Take your time and choose the right contractor for you. Rushing the process is a common cause of regret later on.

Trying to perform complicated renovations without professional help

Getting in over your head on DIY kitchen renovations is another common mistake, and in most cases, the results are far from ideal. Things often seem to be going well at first, but homeowners often demolish or damage areas of the kitchen they actually need. Other errors in workmanship and technique can be difficult and time-consuming to correct. Often times, the only way out is to bring a contractor in anyway.

DIY can certainly be rewarding path for homeowners who are up to the task, but in terms of advanced kitchen remodeling work, it’s worthwhile to think very carefully about the real implications of starting and finishing a project yourself.

Not being realistic about your budget

As we’ve pointed out, kitchen renovations aren’t cheap. It’s natural to want to stretch the budget as far as possible, but according to industry experts and professional renovators, this isn’t the best strategy. Fewer renovations done right are absolutely better than more renovations done in a rushed, flawed or cheap way.

A kitchen renovation project you can be proud of!

Achieving great result with your kitchen renovation plans is a process that starts with quality planning. If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure you stay within your capabilities and be realistic about costs and scheduling. If you’re hiring a contractor, you can avoid almost all of the common pitfalls by partnering with a qualified, skilled professionals who stands behind the renovation work, and back it all up with written guarantees.