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How to Raise a House Built on a Concrete Slab

Is It Possible/Feasible To Raise A House Built On A Concrete Slab?

Is It Possible/Feasible To Raise A House Built On A Concrete Slab?

Elevating a house is important for guarding against floods and hazards. This question relates to raising a house already built on a pre-existing foundation. This technique can affect the elevation process and several factors come into play when assessing the possibility or feasibility of undertaking this project. Questions, therefore, linger about whether this is doable, practical, and worth pursuing. This article shall give an in-depth look at this delicate topic to establish if elevating a house on a pre-existing concrete slab is a logical and prudent idea.


Elevating a house built on a concrete slab is a decent idea as it is quite cheap and financially viable. However, it is vital to do ample checks and feasibility studies before proceeding with the idea since not all elevation techniques work well with this approach.

The study entails a proper assessment by an experienced professional to establish whether the concrete slab will be sturdy enough to be able to anchor the raised or elevated house. This also includes any further weight emanating from the flooding and other resulting perils at the construction site. All these have financial implications since they dictate the technique used and the specific amount expended towards the same.
Some techniques are easier to work around hence rendering them cheaper whereas some might be very pricey and seemingly exorbitant especially if the concrete slab is frail or feeble and unable to sustain the pressure mounted by the elevated house and other distinct factors. A feasibility study is therefore a fundamental prerequisite to eliminate such instances. This ensures that you are certain that the idea will be rational and one that guarantees value for money after the conduct of a proper evaluation. An evaluation or assessment should therefore always precede any attempt to raise a house built on a concrete slab to guarantee that it is an idea worth pursuing.

Structural Viability
It is doable. It is possible to execute the same through varying ways but this would require you to strengthen and enhance the walls to ensure that they will be able to support the new story adequately without making it prone and susceptible. Many people often opt to employ the initial floor for other non-habitually related ways hence utilizing the current space differently. It is better to use materials that are water-resistant after initial destruction in case of rehabilitation whilst erecting any other things above the established flood plain to prevent any havoc, which is inevitable if ample measures are not put in place. These few measures render this idea possible and feasible hence they ought to be strictly adhered to for efficacy and expediency.

Possibility of Additional Stress
The whole idea is premised on ensuring that no additional stress will be exerted so as to instigate any extra stress that would culminate into a possible danger or other associated perils of sinking and potential collapse. It is a feasible idea where the house is raised without causing harmful stress on the structure and pre-existing foundation as this would prove to be fatal if the requisite measures of eliminating the stress are not considered and applied to the letter. It is therefore possible to do this if the house is raised whilst availing proper support to anchor and shield it by maintaining the status quo. This implies that the house does not experience any stress-related variations as it will raise in a fashion that ensures that there is minimal alteration with regard to the levels of applied stress.  Raising a house built on a concrete slab is therefore a good idea as long as all these stringent measures are taken into place to curtail all the dangers associated with elevating houses on pre-existing foundations without adherence to all the necessary stipulations.

Contrary Opinions
It would be irrational and naïve to overlook all the comments and sentiments echoed by experts around this topic. Some cite that is an expensive affair and is not worth pursuing while others have posited that it leaves you with a messed and chaotic bottom that you have to work with by determining the best ways of anchoring it.

In a nutshell, it is a delicate affair. It needs to be perfectly thought out and a feasibility study is mandatory to establish if it is worth pursuing based on how much it would cost you to replicate the universally desired factors including conformity to other building regulations. This would help you determine whether to proceed with this idea or pursue other alternatives such as a rebuild altogether.