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5 Home Addition Ideas For Increasing Square Footage

5 Home Addition Ideas For Increasing Square Footage

The decision to add to your home is a big one. Whether you have an extra room or want more space, the investment will be worth it in the end. You can increase storage with new cabinets and added living spaces for guests by adding on both square footage and modern amenities like air conditioning units. If this sounds appealing but overwhelming, do not worry – we are here to help. This article gives five of the best home addition ideas you should consider for increasing square footage.

  1. Adding a Room in the Garage

The benefits of having a garage space are unmatched. You get the independence, privacy, and convenience that comes with it, all in one convenient location. The extra space is perfect for parents who want to talk without bothering their kids or guests as well.

With the foundation in place, all you need is a few walls, windows, and a roof. If you find yourself living on a tight budget, but have the space to rent out some extra rooms for someone else’s use – then take advantage of this opportunity and make it happen. Renting your garage room is always an option if there are no other spare bedrooms in your home. Be sure to include features like a separate bathroom or private bath so that guests can enjoy their own personal amenities while staying with you.

  1. A home Library

A library is an important part of a home. The library will allow you to keep all of your favorite books. Arrange your books in a specified way, for instance, one shelf with novels and the other with comic books. Also, add a comfortable sitting area where one can read. Moreover, in a library setting, put a study area for your kids. Especially for those in university where they can study without the outside noise. Without forgetting, add large windows to bring vibrancy to the room.

  1. Hobby Room

If you are focused on pursuing your hobby, then this addition is perfect for you. The garage can be a great space to practice it. Activities such as yoga, painting and some art crafts could take place here since there is enough space to do so. In this additional area of your house, use shelves to store materials that go with these hobbies. In addition, you can add a table with stools to plan your work and a place to put the materials in use.

  1. Sunroom Addition

Creating the perfect space for your family is an ideal way to ensure that you spend quality time together. Hire a contractor who will create exactly what you need from designing and building, to furnishing the garage with everything necessary like comfortable furnishings or textiles as well as televisions and sound systems so everyone can enjoy. This space will allow you to have time alone, relax while reading your favorite book, or even doing workouts with a nice view of the outside. For this addition, you will need to research the best options before deciding.

  1. Consider a Kitchen Bump-Out Addition

House bump-outs are a great way for those on a budget to add space in their homes without creating new rooms. Instead, they extend one wall of an existing room and enlarge it as well. House bump outs work especially well when you have home practices such as family dinners or gatherings because activities like these require more seating than usual.

Bump-outs are a great way to solve the problem of small kitchens. They can take on any style or design, but bump-outs have some features in common. One similarity is that the space created by a bump-out allows specific utensils to be stored and organized. A kitchen bump-out is hence beneficial in that it solves the problem of having too small of an area, as well as not adhering to strict design standards or limitations on size!

If you have a home, it is likely that someday you will want to make changes or additions. Even if not planning to sell your house anytime soon, the benefits of adding extra square footage are worth considering. It is possible with good planning and help from a contractor who has experience in this area. With these five inspiring ideas for expanding spaces within your house, all homeowners can start making the best investment decision they have ever made, which is to make great additions to your house that not only add extra space but also add to the overall value of the house.