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Kitchen Remodeling

Important Details for Kitchen Renovations: Here's What You Need to Know

Details are Important in Kitchen Renovations: Here’s Why

Details are Important in Kitchen Renovations: Here’s Why

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details. This is true in many areas of life, and home renovations are no exception. There are so many stories out there of homeowners who overlooked certain details, or home renovation contractors who failed to address all of the necessary details that go into a quality renovation project. The results of these oversights are never good, but they do less damage in some cases and more damage in others.

Kitchens are one of those areas where you definitely don’t want to overlook the finer details. When you consider the fact that the average renovation costs around $50,000, this makes perfect sense. Homeowners pour a lot of resources into kitchen renovation work, and they expect impeccable results for their efforts. Quite often, kitchen renovations are a place where there are a whole lot of smaller details to think about and execute flawlessly. This may not be quite so true with certain other types of renovations.

Let’s take a closer look at why the details matter in kitchen work, and what some of those details may be.


Kitchen cabinetry is expensive for a reason; it takes a lot of skill to get it right, and give it a truly professional finish. The smallest mistake in measurement, cutting or fitting can leave problems (including visual annoyances) hat homeowners have to put up with permanently — unless they’re willing to plunk down more cash to fix it. The best home renovators, however, will guarantee their workmanship against defaults, especially in an area like kitchen cabinetry.


Storage is all the rage in kitchen remodeling and design. People have realized they want more storage, but in tasteful and modern ways. If you choose modern designs for your kitchen, take care to choose a company that’s equipped to handle them and make them a reality. Some of the more inexperienced contractors may be attempting things for the first time.

Fixtures & Flooring

Choosing the right fixtures for your kitchen, and designing things in a way that accommodates and compliments those fixtures, is one of the true arts of kitchen design and building. Kitchen flooring is also a hugely important aspect that is often overlooked; any reputable contractor will give extra special care to the flooring, making sure the installation is up to high professional standards.

Finding a detail oriented specialist

As we pointed out earlier in this post, kitchen renovations are an expensive prospect. Obviously it is possible to undertake a budget renovation project in your kitchen, combining DIY efforts with professional renovation work, and thus clock in on the lower end of the cost spectrum. But the fact remains that homeowners spend an average of $50,000 dollars on a full kitchen renovation. This is the cost of a brand-new vehicle, and when this kind of investment is at stake, the kitchen renovation specialist should be extremely detail oriented and committed to the satisfaction and success of every client.