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Changing a Bathtub to a Shower Stall: What to Consider

Should I Change Out My Bathtub for a Shower Stall?

Should I Change Out My Bathtub for a Shower Stall?

One of the great feelings you can have as a homeowner is walking into a newly renovated bathroom. You’ve entered this room countless times, and you know exactly what to expect. Everything is always in the same place – and you’re probably less-than-enamored with the appearance and functionality. But after a renovation, it’s a completely different story. You walk through that door and see something completely different. Everything you really didn’t like about the bathroom before has been transformed, and the space is completely refreshed according to your current tastes and preferences. For most homeowners, it takes a long time – if ever – for that feeling to wear off.

The best part is, it’s not necessary to undertake a full-on renovation in order to feel a lot better about your bathroom. There may be one or two important things that can be done to completely change the look, feel, and functionality. One of the most popular projects in 2018 is changing out your old bathtub for a shower stall.

Why would anybody do this?

There are several reasons. First, a shower stall makes use of vertical space to open up the room and make it feel larger. A bathtub normally has a larger footprint on the floor itself, and getting rid of that tub in exchange for a shower stall is a more effective use of space. The square footage you manage to free up can be used for extra storage, a larger vanity, or any other amenity your bathroom may have been missing.

Second, the shower stall gives your bathroom a more contemporary and modern feel. Showering in a bathtub is fine, and we’ve all done it – but walking into a spacious shower stall can be a luxurious feeling in its own right, especially if the stall is well built. A lot of people actually prefer a walk in shower for these reasons.

Third, a bathtub is something that many families just don’t use very much, if at all. Taking a bath is a much more time consuming experience than taking a shower, and tubs also tend to collect more grime than shower stalls. A lot of homeowners put up with a bathtub they never use for many years before they finally entertain the idea of changing it out.

Are there any drawbacks to changing your old bathtub for a fresh, modern shower stall?

That depends. If you ever plan on selling your house, keep in mind that families with small children will need at least one bathtub in the house. If you’re already down to one tub, and are thinking about changing it for a shower stall, think carefully about future buyers and what they might need. If you plan on living in your home for many years to come, and you really want to eliminate that last bathtub, you shouldn’t have to feel like it’s a bad investment. If and when you do sell your home, some potential buyers (without small children) may be more attracted to the shower stalls. And the good news (both for you and for future buyers of your home) is that changing a shower stall for a bathtub is a relatively straightforward and economical project – provided you hire a seasoned professional.