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Do Solar Panels Damage the Roof?

Do Solar Panels Damage the Roof?

Electricity from renewable sources of energy such as solar power is not only eco-friendly but also affordable because we get more energy from the sun than we will ever need. If you are thinking about investing in this type of clean energy production, you need to be prepared for any uncertainties or unforeseen costs that could pop up in the future.

One of the concerns homeowners have when installing solar panels is whether it can cause damage to the roof, as it is the most preferred location for installation. This article discusses the process of solar panel installation and if they are bad for your roof.

Roof’s Condition and Characteristics – It Is Safe If Done in the Right Way

You need to pay attention to several factors whether you have decided to install solar panels on your roof or you are still thinking about it.

This includes the configuration of your roof, how much weight it can support, age, the direction of the slope, and general condition. To support the weight of solar panels, your roof needs to be strong enough. Otherwise, you will have to install supports first before installing the solar panels. A professional solar installation contractor will calculate the required square footage to accommodate the number of solar panels that can sufficiently power your home.

How to Prepare the Roof for a Solar Panel Installation

The roof needs to be ready before installing the solar panels. The best way to do this would be to involve the services of a professional roofer to ensure that the roof is in good shape for supporting extra weight. The contractor will be keen to point out any loose tiles, breaks or cracks, pooling water, singles or flashing, and any damage that might be present on the roof. This process will involve removing debris and cleaning out gutters to prepare them for any type of weather that follows the solar installation.

Fixing roof damage beforehand prevents further damage that could be harder to access or might go unnoticed once the panels have been installed. Experienced roofers will always tell you whether your roof’s structure is appropriate for installing a solar panel. If not, you may have to install additional support depending on the amount of weight your roof can handle.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on the Roof

Extreme weather conditions like hail, snow, rain and strong winds can cause serious damage to your roof over the years. A solar panel creates an additional barrier to block out severe weather even if it is to a slight degree. Any roof tiles below the solar panel will be secure and can last longer through winter than they would if there were no panels. You not only reduce the costs associated with constant roof repairs, but also give you peace of mind.

Solar panels keep the roof cool during summer by converting the harsh rays of the sun to clean energy that can be used elsewhere. Solar panels do not entirely rest on the roof but are rather installed with a space in between to help airflow through and cool underneath the panels. They not only keep your roof safe from debris and falling limbs, but also help reduce the temperature inside the home to a certain level.

Many installers prefer installing solar panels on newer roofs because they are still strong and will not be replaced any time soon unlike older roofs. Since reputable solar panels work tirelessly to ensure all solar panels are set correctly, your roof warranty will not be voided. Since no one wants their roof to be damaged by some shoddy solar installation, having professional take care of the setup ensures nothing is compromised during installation.

A solar installation can be a great marketing strategy if you intend to sell your home or property in the future. The need for people to go green and save the environment has become trendier than ever. With this in mind, there is no doubt that your roof installation could be twice or even more than your initial investment just because of investing in a good solar system.

Installing a solar panel over your roof is more of a bonus rather than a disadvantage because it provides all the benefits we have mentioned above. The only concern that homeowners should have is whether their roof structure can support additional weight from new solar panels. It is always important to check with your roofer first before installing a solar system to discuss the options and point you in the right direction.