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Can I Stay at Home During Roof Replacement?

Can I Still Live In My House While Replacing My Roof?

Can I Still Live In My House While Replacing My Roof?

A roof replacement is such a big undertaking because there is a lot of money invested, takes time to schedule, and involves waiting on the right weather. After setting the date for your roof replacement, you may be in a dilemma about whether to stay or leave your home during the project period.

The simple answer is you do not have to leave your home if you have nowhere else to go. Whether you choose to leave or stay, this article clearly describes what you should do during a roof replacement to ensure everyone’s safety.

What to Expect When You Stay

Professional roofers understand that you need to go about your daily life when you choose to stay during a roof replacement. Therefore, they will try to accommodate that by working with as little disruption as possible. While the roofers are going about their work, you can do your chores, get kids ready for school and even decompress after a long day.

However, some of the things you should expect during a roof replacement include construction dust, construction noise, and crew presence throughout the day. It is a safety requirement to keep pets and children away from the construction area.

Leaving Your Home during Roof Replacement

Many homeowners choose to avoid the stress and hustle that comes with a roof replacement by staying away from their homes. Most roof replacement projects can take between 1 to 7 days depending on the size of your roof, the extent of roof replacement, and the competence of the roofers themselves. Whether you will be renting a room at a hotel or moving to your family or friend’s place, it is important to know how long the roof replacement will take so you can plan your stay. Not only will it give you peace of mind but also gives enough room for roofers to finish their job.

Factors to Consider During a Roof Replacement

If you choose to stay with the kids at home during a roof replacement, it is important to tell them what is going on. Give them a few extra rules of how they should conduct themselves until the project is done. Designate a safe place for them to play whether it is in the house or your backyard but far from where the roofers are working. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of debris falling off on every side of the roof and so, it would not be safe for kids to run around below them.

It is a good idea to secure your pets or move them out of harm’s way whether you choose to stay or leave your home during a roof replacement. It does not matter whether you have calm pets as they may not react well to strangers and could find the roofing process distressing. If you are not certain whether your pets will react well to the stressors, consider taking them for a walk during the day or keeping them in a quiet room like the basement. Not only will it keep them calm but also safe from what is going on outside.

Falling debris could easily hit your car if you normally park it in the driveway. Quality roofers recommend parking it on the other side of the street or far away from the house if you have a larger compound. Keeping it inside the garage may not be a good idea since the construction process can cause many vibrations on the walls. When this happens, any tools and items hanging on the wall can accidentally fall and hit your car. To be on the safe side, consider parking it at a safe distance until the work is done.

Outdoor Furniture
Expert roofers can lay down tarps to catch falling debris but that does not guarantee safety on any valuable items sitting around your deck or patio. If you have any outdoor furniture, consider bringing in your grill or any outdoor furniture to keep them safe from all the mess. Alternatively, you can lock them away in a shed or other secure place. If you want to protect any landscaping around the house, consider laying some of your tarps to protect them from falling debris.

The decision to choose between leaving or staying at home during a roof replacement all comes down to your preference as a homeowner. If you choose to stay, you need to be aware of all the stressors that come with a roof replacement and what you should do to keep everyone safe. If you choose to leave home, you need to consider all factors we have discussed above and if possible, visit the site to check their progress.