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Are Bathtubs Going Out of Style?

Are Bathtubs Going Out of Style?

Are Bathtubs Going Out of Style?

When you look at lists of trendy home renovations for past years, you can see just how “fleeting” some of these trends are. What’s popular right now might not be popular next year – and homeowners who go for some of the newest and most trendy renovations will sometimes find themselves re-thinking the situation within a year or two, and wondering why they didn’t make a more reliable decision.

But there are also timeless renovations that come up year after year; and also new renovation trends that actually do have staying power. With the rising popularity of walk-in showers, some people find themselves asking whether bathtubs are on their way out. Is it always a good idea to change that tub for a shower, or are there situations where it might be counter-productive?

First off, it deserves to be said that walk-in showers are indeed a very desirable renovation in many cases. Depending on the materials and styles you choose (and whether any major reconfigurations of plumbing and/or electrical are needed), this transformation is among the most accessible bathroom renovations – and it really makes an impact. Modern materials and designs make it easier than ever to have a low-maintenance, spacious walk-in space for showering. Add custom flourishes and a rainfall showerhead, and you just might feel like you’re at a nice hotel.

As great as this renovation is, however, homeowners should give it some extra thought before moving forward. For instance, is there a bathtub elsewhere in the house? If not, it might be counter-productive to remove the only bathtub. Home buyers (especially if they have young children, or intend to start a family) value having at least one bathtub in the house.

People who have the square footage available in one or more bathrooms might consider having both a tub and a walk-in shower in the same bathroom. This approach is often seen in luxury homes, but more and more new homes are building in the requisite square footage for larger bathrooms, so that people don’t have to choose between a tub and a walk-in shower.

Overall, we think it’s an over-statement to say that bathtubs are going out of style. The walk-in shower provides a contemporary and spacious look and feel, and it can be a very exciting renovation project, especially if the tub is old and in need of repair. Usually, this will be part of a larger upgrade in which new fixtures and paint are also applied.

But bathtubs still have their place – especially in areas with cold winters. People still like to settle in for a warming soak on cold winter nights, and salt baths continue to gain popularity amongst athletes and people who want to soothe their muscles after a workout. These are all valid considerations when thinking about changing your bathtub to a walk-in shower. If you decide to go ahead with the project, and you aren’t planning on taking it on by yourself, always look for a contractor with proven experience in bathroom renovations; and a good reputation in the community!