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5 Types of Home Additions You Should Consider

5 Types of Home Additions You Should Consider

5 Types of Home Additions You Should Consider

Sometimes the house we live in may not be big enough for us to enjoy the full comforts we would love to. This is most evident when the kids have outgrown or we have additional family members like the elderly. At such an instance, we need to have extra rooms or additional space in the existing rooms. Deciding whether to add space into the existing rooms or have new rooms added into the house is quite challenging. Luckily, this article provides you with information on top home additions that you should consider.

  1. Sunroom

A sunroom rewards you handsomely, especially when selling a house since it increases property value by several tens of thousands of dollars. However, before then, a sunroom can give you some great benefits. It is a good place to enjoy sunlight without exposing yourself to the elements. In addition, it gives you a direct view of the landscape while protecting you from the wrath of adverse weather. It is also a good place to just chill while you enjoy a glass of wine with friends and family. You could also move your outdoor plants to prevent them from elements during adverse weather.

  1. Kitchen Extension

The kitchen is one of the most rooms that homebuyers and renters pay a lot of attention to, hence the need to make it appealing and big enough. A kitchen is where a family gathers waiting for meals and it is a break away from the monotony of the living room. For that reason, you can increase its square footage to accommodate more countertop space and cabinets, and then wait for your reward when reselling the house.

  1. Bathroom 

To make a bathroom more comfortable and expensive, you could decide to increase its size by a few more square feet to make it more suitable with options like walk in bathroom that is very favorable for kids and the elderly. Some additional square footage in the bathroom will allow you to install luxury features like a bathtub. Alternatively, you could also install an extra bathroom in the areas that are rarely used or underutilized like in the laundry room or the area below the staircase. Such bathrooms are good to cater to the increased family size and are great when you have visitors around.

  1. Master Suite

You are the master in your home and deserve the best since you take all the beating while working hard to provide for the family. Therefore, it makes sense to treat yourself to a master suite. This will cost you quite a couple of hundred dollars but you will reap all the benefits, especially when reselling the property.

  1. Deck

Decks are a good place to chill out and have a private talk, especially when kids are playing in the house. The deck is also a good place to hold small evening parties or meetings that do not involve large groups of people. Those are just some of the benefits that you get to enjoy by installing a deck in your home. You could also decide to increase the square footage of an already existing deck. This is the contractor’s only work since it will involve the installation of an underfloor heating system, something that you cannot do by yourself. Install a vinyl flooring material for a cheaper option. The upfront cost will be a little higher but it will save you a lot of money in terms of maintenance going forward.

Other Additions You Should Consider

Doing your laundry in the garage or living room is not only unsightly but it is also disorganized. Adding a laundry room into the house will make it look more organized and appealing because you will do all your cleaning in one central place where you are not afraid of spills and wetting the floor. You could also decide to increase the square footage of an existing laundry so that you can bring in some extra washing machines and other appliances to accommodate an increased family size.

Home additions such as a kitchen extension, master suite, and a deck can boost your overall experience at home and increase its overall value. When considering home additions, it is good to note that additional work is for the contractors only because it requires expertise that you may not have. However, the little that you can do will go a long way in saving you some considerable amount of money. For good quality results, ensure that you pick only the best contractor for the job.

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