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5 Types of Home Additions to Consider

5 Types of Home Additions and How They Add Value

5 Types of Home Additions and How They Add Value

Many circumstances may lead you to build additions to your home. These may include, an increase in the family members either a new baby, an elderly or just any other relative. You may also want to have an extra space where you can perform other activities such as hobbies or maybe you just want something new. These reasons are very common because it is sometimes inevitable to outgrow the space you currently have.

When you are faced with such thoughts of additions, you are mainly presented with two options, one of which is to move to a bigger home with all the additions you may want or to build the home additions in your current home. It is, therefore, necessary to understand these different types of additions and the value they will add to your home. This will successfully help you in determining exactly which choice to make.

  1. Sunrooms

A sunroom is a room that is mostly made of windows. Sunrooms are designed in such a way that you get to enjoy the weather outside without actually being in it. This is an added advantage because in many cases while you are out enjoying the sun, for example, the glaring heat or even annoying insects such as mosquitoes and flies might bother you. Sunrooms are very popular today mostly because they can be used for quite a number of reasons. For example, they can be used to entertain the guests you are having or as a lounge.

The sunroom is quite simple to add to your home because they do not need additional heating or cooling. The cost will vary depending on your preferences and specifications.

  1. Bump It Out

This option is very suitable for you if you are on a strict budget but you still want that additional space. It is an affordable option as opposed to adding an entirely new room and floor to your home. A bump it out will enable you to get the extra space that you crave for, maximizing all your resources especially when you look at the space available in your home and the existing floor plan you have. This option allows you to add square footage in the room where you require it the most.

For example, if you feel your family is becoming too large for your tiny kitchen, a bump it out will enlarge it giving you the coveted space you had desired. They cost way less because they will not need extra contractors nor permits.

  1. Remodels

Remodeling your home will give you that new feel you might be looking for. This is mostly because you get to redesign the rooms of your house, installing what might have been lacking before. Having a clear idea of what you want is very advantageous and picking the right contractors to work on the rooms one at a time. Most remodeling does not require permits and to save more on costs, you can do the less challenging work on your own.

  1. Full Additions

When someone thinks of additions to your home, full additions are what is likely to ring to you. This includes adding whole new rooms and space to your house. The possibilities that can be achieved with full additions are endless as long as you remain within your budget and you are able to hire competent construction workers. They may be expensive and may take quite some time. The other advantage of having full additions to your home is that it greatly increases the resale value of your home.

  1. Renovating Unused Rooms

In many of our homes, there are rooms that are not being utilized to their full potential. An example of this is an extra garage or even your attic that is mostly being used for items that are no longer in use. These items only take up your space that may be valuable square footage. The home addition that would be considered in such a case would be room conversion. These rooms can be well made to become an extra bedroom, workshop, or even a craft room. It all comes down to what you need and want.

It is important to have this knowledge to determine what type of home addition will suit your house and your specific desires. Hiring the right contractors will give you an edge because they will also be able to give you insight into what works best for your home. Finally, these home additions will not only give you that aesthetic appeal but will also go a long way in increasing the value of your home.