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4 Great Renovation Projects for the Summer Ahead

4 Great Renovation Projects for the Summer Ahead

4 Great Renovation Projects for the Summer Ahead

Finally, the winter is loosening its grip and spring is starting to warm everything up. The birds are coming back, and the trees are starting to sprout new leaves. It’s a great time of year for new projects, from cleaning out the garage to a full-scale home renovation. Whether you already have solid ideas for your next home renovation project or are just looking for ideas to kick around, here are four great projects for the summer ahead.

1. Kitchens

We hope you’re grilling outside a lot this summer; or maybe you’re even lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen to cook meals in the great outdoors, and dine al fresco underneath the shade of an umbrella. Those outdoor kitchens might not be as expensive as you think, either. But even if you’re not into outdoor cooking, renovating your kitchen for summer is a great idea. You’ll get to throw the windows open and enjoy moving around your improved kitchen to prepare fresh ingredients for tasty summer meals. Plus, your home’s market value will improve along with your lifestyle.

2. Bathrooms

It’s never the wrong season to renovate your bathroom, but renovation work in general can go much easier and faster if carried out during the warmer months on the calendar. A renovated bathroom is one of the most desirable traits amongst potential buyers, which means that it will also help your equity as you continue to occupy your home. Plus, it’s great

3. Porches

Maybe you’ve been thinking about an open porch, terrace, or outdoor deck to enjoy the warmer months of the year in style. Or, maybe you’ve been considering what it would take to build a three season porch that would allow you to enjoy the cooler spring and fall evenings while breathing fresh air and curling up next to the space heater with a good book. Either way, porches come in all shapes and sizes and are a wonderful new addition or renovation to have.

4. Attic and basement conversions

Now might be the time to turn that dusty attic or humid basement into a fully finished masterpiece. You can easily add bedrooms and possibly even bathrooms to your home’s profile this way; which is very valuable for home equity and buyer appeal. Some advisors say that finishing a basement in order to sell your house may not be the best idea in some cases, since buyers would rather choose their own design and spend the money that way. But if you’re planning on living in your house for the indefinite future, attic and basement conversations can be rewarding in a number of ways.

Who’s doing your renovation?

This is a hugely important question. You’re putting a lot of money into these renovations, and you may have been planning them for a long time. Why would you put that investment in the hands of anyone but the best and most qualified contractor in your area? It can be difficult to know where to start looking, but review scores on popular social channels are a good place to start.