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Bathroom Renovation

3 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch

3 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch

3 Bathroom Renovation Trends to Watch

Home renovation trends are always coming and going, and this is particular true for the most desirable areas of home renovation, such as bathrooms. We want this area of the home to be a sanctuary – a place where we can go to relax and rejuvenate. There’s something about a well-designed bathroom that makes people feel calm and pampered – it can set the tone for a productive and relaxing day, and make you feel like you have your own personal spa.

But if you read the magazines and watch TV shows, you’ll see that bathroom renovation trends are constantly changing. What’s in vogue this year may be obsolete next year. This is, of course, something that applies to home renovation in general, not just bathrooms. Some trends have staying power and are worth imitating – others, not so much. Knowing the difference can be tricky, especially when you’re thinking about making a sizeable potential investment. Here are three bathroom renovation trends that are worth checking out in 2018:

1. More storage

Even some of the most beautiful and meticulously-designed bathrooms suffer from a critical lack of storage space. People often have to rely on standing storage solutions, or stacking various hygiene and wellness products on top of the vanity. Building in plenty of hidden storage space is a trend that makes a lot of sense, especially if the bathroom will be used regularly by two or more people in the home.

2. Small-scale luxury

Let’s face it: Not everybody has the space to create a sprawling luxury master bath. Sometimes you have to do more with less, and many bathroom designs are getting creative about maximizing the use of space. This include open storage instead of cabinets, floating vanities, and walk-in showers in place of bathtubs. With careful planning, even the smallest bathroom can be turned into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

3. Heated floors and mini-bars

Bare foot on a cold tile floor can be unpleasant, especially during a cold New Jersey winter. Some homeowners are turning to high-efficiency heated floors in order to solve that problem. And while the idea of a built-in minibar under the sink may sound ludicrous, it can be an idea way to store certain health and wellness products, as well as healthy beverages to enjoy during a hot bath.

Is your renovation trendy or timeless?

Sometimes, getting the right perspective on bathroom renovation takes more than just skimming through lists of renovation ideas online and in magazines. Those sources can certainly be helpful in determining which features, styles and amenities you find desirable for your bathroom – but they might not always give you the most practical way forward. Getting in touch with a qualified bathroom renovation professional is a good way to refine your ideas and take the next step toward making them a reality – but the number of companies and individuals out there who are willing to take your project on is truly staggering. If you’re looking to maximize your time and effort while receiving sound advice, looking toward trusted and reputable contractors is a smart move.